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Inferno .:FC:. by TehSweggifier Inferno .:FC:. :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 7 12 Blizzard Ref/FrostWing Ref by TehSweggifier Blizzard Ref/FrostWing Ref :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 2 2
Mature content
Mangled- The Steel Fortress: Chapter 4 :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 1 2
so i heard there was a badge rotflol by TehSweggifier so i heard there was a badge rotflol :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 1 0 Bramble .:CE:. by TehSweggifier Bramble .:CE:. :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 7 12
Mangled- The Steel Fortress: Chapter 2
Rocket launched a nova grenade at the battle hologram. It was programmed to do whatever a real soldier would do in its circumstances- which was double over coughing, slowly dying.
She spun around and pulled a knife from a calf belt wrapped around her ankle. She began to spar with the hologram next to her. After a bit of dueling, Rocket slashed open the hologram's neck. She stood panting where she was, planning what she would do next. She decided on man-to-man 'stick fighting', as she called it, where two soldiers fought with long, sturdy bamboo stalks until one got the other into a position that would be a kill in a real fight. Rocket took off her grenade-covered uniform to reveal a white tank top.
A high-ranking stealth agent stood against her in the arena. He gave a fair fight. 
Now I'm in the library, reading my story of fighting to young excited children. They had small bamboo stalks of their own and tried to fight each other. One whacked herself across the face trying to
:icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 1 4
Mature content
Mangled- The Steel Fortress: Chapter 1 :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 1 5
Hope in the Rainforest .:FC:. by TehSweggifier Hope in the Rainforest .:FC:. :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 7 6 Undergrowth .:DT:. by TehSweggifier Undergrowth .:DT:. :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 5 5
Mature content
Torrent of Blood :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 3 0
Boop by TehSweggifier Boop :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 8 2 :SPOILERS: The Stalker in my Head by TehSweggifier :SPOILERS: The Stalker in my Head :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 4 9
Mature content
Winter Greetings :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 3 6
:FC: Go On, I'm Listening by TehSweggifier :FC: Go On, I'm Listening :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 7 4 Lost by TehSweggifier Lost :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 6 2 Stain the Mountains Red :AT: by TehSweggifier
Mature content
Stain the Mountains Red :AT: :icontehsweggifier:TehSweggifier 6 2


I was confused on the name for a moment there XD Now for the rating and that kind of crap: First: I can guarantee that I have never, ev...

OH. MY. CEILING CAT. You never cease to amaze me! How do you do this? I don't think I have ever seen anything like it (other than somet...

I showed this to my brother and this was his reaction: 'What is that?' I responded with 'A piece of art.' and he said: 'That is the pre...

Okay- WHAT How the heck does this happen? I mean, the flowers are cool and all... BUT HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HECK HOLY CRAP AGAIN WHAT IS T...


like your kin by CrystalWarder like your kin :iconcrystalwarder:CrystalWarder 5 0 !Science Class! Draw the Squad by Haasiophis-Sahel !Science Class! Draw the Squad :iconhaasiophis-sahel:Haasiophis-Sahel 26 18 ask whiteout! by Ask-Whiteout-Child ask whiteout! :iconask-whiteout-child:Ask-Whiteout-Child 12 18 Stalker of Darkness - collab by dschunai Stalker of Darkness - collab :icondschunai:dschunai 349 36 Silt (Design Trade) by MegatropiaQueen Silt (Design Trade) :iconmegatropiaqueen:MegatropiaQueen 21 4 Be Careful by antontang Be Careful :iconantontang:antontang 38,198 2,978 Torrent Realistic Icon Prize by Haasiophis-Sahel Torrent Realistic Icon Prize :iconhaasiophis-sahel:Haasiophis-Sahel 57 15 WoF 6-10 by RhynoBullraq WoF 6-10 :iconrhynobullraq:RhynoBullraq 403 87 Prism~ by Taydraa Prism~ :icontaydraa:Taydraa 4 7
WoF news!!
I also met talons-and-tails and Lyriyale who were both awesome and can confirm all this news because it's a LOT of news
So there is going to be 5 more books!! And a legends!! So if you see this help spread the word because I'm very small on the DA fandom and I'm not sure how to tell everyone
The legends is going to be about the scavengers who killed queen oasis: Rose (Flower), her niece Ivy (the one who did the actual killing and the mother of Holler), and another unnamed one
There's also going to be graphic novels, one of which MIGHT be coming out next January.
Umber is gay. It is canon and official and it makes me so incredibly happy. Foxflake is also very gay and canon
Starflight's eyes are very dark green
She's okay with people selling fandom merch! She said she can't speak on behalf of scholastic, but unofficially she loves the idea
Firefly from moon's vision is the dragonet of glory and Deathbringer
I think it's safe to say that either Wintermoon or Moonbli are going to
:iconskaadii:skaadii 113 112
-because we share life- by fangedfem -because we share life- :iconfangedfem:fangedfem 83,167 15,759 Blackshark Reference by MegatropiaQueen Blackshark Reference :iconmegatropiaqueen:MegatropiaQueen 29 6 Last Stand In The Darkness by CrystalWarder Last Stand In The Darkness :iconcrystalwarder:CrystalWarder 12 19 Reanna by CrystalWarder Reanna :iconcrystalwarder:CrystalWarder 1 0 BoltWing Gift #1 by CrystalWarder BoltWing Gift #1 :iconcrystalwarder:CrystalWarder 1 0 Torrent Glow Sketchbust Gift by Haasiophis-Sahel Torrent Glow Sketchbust Gift :iconhaasiophis-sahel:Haasiophis-Sahel 25 7


Traditional Fullbody
A long-taking, very rewarding drawing. It is colored, and there's background, even if it's just sky, cloud and mountain. It's really cheap compared to some others, which is really nice.
Why am I promoting myself? XD
Traditional Headshot
Headshot with simple shading. Colored and perfected.
+5 points for tiny scales
+2 points for hard shading
I take a normal picture and make it dank. Simple.
da MURO Headshot
This is just for fun. Kind of a sketch, but... yeah
Expo Marker Headshot
The cheapest commission I have put up so far. It's not actually ten points, it's one point, and you pay in the donation pool and note me.
Very low quality. Taken with my slide phone and uploaded onto a computer. Note me what colors you want, what tribe you want, and/or a ref sheet.

Colors: Pink, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black
May take a few days. Boards vary, as do size, style, and neatness.

For free if you post a status/journal about this.

OC List

Torrent-Ice/Night Hybrid-Wings Of Fire
Blizzard-FrostWing-Wings Of Fire
Venom-Chryssalid-XCOM 2
Thunder-BoltWing-Wings Of Fire
Pane-GlassWing-Wings Of Fire


This shoutbox is quiet ;-;
Sat Apr 15, 2017, 11:31 PM
Hello other human. *waves*
Fri Feb 17, 2017, 6:32 AM
Hi humans. *waves*
Sat Feb 11, 2017, 2:20 PM
Mon Jan 23, 2017, 9:41 PM
Lol, this shoutbox is so ridiculous XD
Mon Jan 16, 2017, 8:23 PM
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 2:09 PM
Murder the art thieves (who are unwilling to change)
Mon Dec 12, 2016, 7:07 AM
down with art thieves
Sat Dec 10, 2016, 5:28 PM
derp 030
Wed Dec 7, 2016, 6:53 PM
Thu Nov 3, 2016, 4:08 PM




*laughs and cries at the same time*
I was in my bathroom, wanting to take an enormous drizzly**** when this FRIGGEN HUGE SPIDER just comes out from NOWHERE and begins to scuttle around on my bathroom counter. I jump a little and try to trap it with this weird soap container thing we have, but it was apparently suicidal.
It crawled into my sink and then
slid down
into the drain
where I heard a plop

never heard from that spider again
My brother and dad are in D.C. as of the moment. I live on the Pacific Coast, soooo....
That's ways away.
Nux loves the boys of our family. More than anything. He'll sleep with my brother, play Fallout 4 with my dad (aka sit on his lap and chew on his toes while he tries to kill a mirelurk), and basically ignore my mom and me.
Dad and Yeboi have been gone since late Friday night. Nux... it's sad, really. People say that animals don't have feelings... not true. He's right next to me, staring at me hopefully, and when I pet him, he get's the saddest face. His tail and ears droop, he doesn't sleep, God, I feel AWFUL....
Poor baby... just curled up on the blanket next to me in the saddest, most depressing way ever.
HELP ME... *tears stream down face in an awful way*
poor little kitty...
Hevete is now a flying samurai
yissssssss boi
Uh... thinking about making Helvete... not... white? What race?
4 deviants said Japanese
3 deviants said Andy Kind of... ehm... Dark Skin
2 deviants said Any Kind of Asian
1 deviant said African-American
No deviants said Chinese
No deviants said Other? Comment!
Inferno .:FC:.

Wasn't really sure what this guy's name was, I think it's Inferno, but he was fun af to draw
wow non wof just realized that


Art belongs to MOI
Character belongs to Heroi
wow not wof so i don't have to put 'Wings of Fire belongs to Tui T. Sutherland' lol
still did tho
Blizzard Ref/FrostWing Ref
I decided to make the FrostWings less Ice/Night hybridized, so... 

I'm not sure how to do the FrostWing thingies, so I'll put that into a journal later lol

Art, character, and tribe belong to MOI
Wings of Fire belongs to Tui T. Sutherland
Hey, guys. I'm back for a bit, just because I was DYING to ask you guys a question.
So... I'll be responding to you! Yay!

I'm gonna be gone for 2 weeks. Might get on before then, and if I do, that means I'm feeling much better. I just feel like I need it.
I'll get your headshot done and posted after my hiatus. And I would like to thank you for telling me that I should enjoy what I make instead of hating it. You really encouraged me to do better. Thank you.

Thank you for encouraging me to stay. I will for a while, don't worry. You gave me the idea for a hiatus instead of leaving and drawing the gray line through my name. Thank you.

You took the time to make a RIDICULOUSLY long comment, copying and pasting everything I said and making an answer. It made me feel so much better. You were the first comment, and you made me feel much better. Thank you.

You are one of my best friends on dA. You were there for me, and I was your first watcher. Your drawings are amazing, as are everyone else's. Everything you said was so kind, and you were literally my first contact on Skype. You made my experience on dA so much better. Thank you.

You are by far my best friend on dA. Our story goes way back when I saw a friend's journal asking for help. When I clicked the link, I never expected myself to meet a new friend- but that's exactly what happened. When I helped you, I felt... better. And then I gave you a critique, and a friendship was born. And we grew and grew and grew. I'm so happy we met, and I hope you feel the same. You motivated me through tough times. Thank you.

I'm so happy that you are my friends. All of you, close to me, it makes me feel happy. You let me disappear into the crowd, and... it means so much. Thank you all, so much.
I'll see you later, guys.
Guys, I'm thinking about leaving.
It might be permanent, it might be temporary. I don't know.
I feel like I'm letting you down.
Time after time, my limited color palette doesn't support you characters, I forget about things, other things take too long. I don't feel worthy of you guys, you awesome people who watch me. I'm not nearly as active anymore. I feel like I'm not giving you enough, I'm not giving it my all. It feels terrible, and my art isn't even all that good. I've met awesome people here, and I don't deserve their watches. It makes me feel terrible, like nothing will ever make me worthy of this many watchers.
For anybody who's actually reading this,
if this will let you down,
if this will somehow give you grief,
then tell me.
I'll stay if you want me to.
But I'll go if you don't.
I'm sorry.
So sorry.

A very short, very annoying stepbrother of Creepy Stalker is worse as CS.

My friend crouching down, grabbing his lunch box from the bottom of his locker to grab some Chicken in a Biscuit, right before fifth period. His head was a little ways into his locker.
Then, CSSB goes up to his locker, and slams it on my friend, let's call him Keagan's, head.
Keagan begins to scream.
Now, I don't know what's happening at the moment, so I'm worried sick. Keagan isn't there for attendence, and then the kid in front of me, CS's best friend, tells me that somebody hurt him and he's having a mental breakdown. I then get absolutely terrified for Keagan, because what if he's really badly hurt?
We begin to read a book called Maniac Magee, and then Keagan walks in. I hug him, because I was scared. And he tells me what happened, and I almost chase that guy down and beat the crap out of him.
Later, I see him, and I almost run forward and maul him.

Can... can you help me, guys?
Hey, guys. I'm back for a bit, just because I was DYING to ask you guys a question.
So... I'll be responding to you! Yay!


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Hello! I am Swag. I love drawing dragons, and I will draw cats. I can also write stories and songs that people somehow like.


TehSweggifier has started a donation pool!
32 / 10,000
Need Points for contest stuff... yay

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To Do List

REAL Ref Sheets:
Torrent 0%
Blizzard 100%, waiting for submission
Sweg: 0%

Headshot for @HeroicVeenom: 80%, coloring

Uh... thinking about making Helvete... not... white? What race? 

4 deviants said Japanese
3 deviants said Andy Kind of... ehm... Dark Skin
2 deviants said Any Kind of Asian
1 deviant said African-American
No deviants said Chinese
No deviants said Other? Comment!


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